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About Us

Kalla and Sons International, Inc. (KSI) was founded in the year 1991 and has been the sales and service representative that has operated on behalf of several service companies in the Middle East and the United States for over two decades. These companies we represent manufacture fertilizers, drilling, and completion and production equipment. In addition, they provide services related to the agriculture and oilfield sectors.

KSI has three divisions:

 - Oilfield Services and Supply Division

 - Chemicals, Fertilizers and Metal Division

 - Commercial Commodities Division

In 2008, American Eagle Oilfield Services & Supplies, Inc. was founded and became a subsidiary of KSI in order to concentrate on the Oilfield Services and Supply Division as well as the Chemicals, Fertilizers and Metal Division.

The management of KSI is confident that it can provide a wide spectrum of quality services to our customers.  With representation from numerous manufacturers based on partnerships or joint ventures, KSI generates and provides businesses transactions by locating and matching the specific manufacturer with the right partner for the right project at the right time.  We provide to the oil and gas industry technical staff specialists that specialize in various technical and third party consulting services for the following: Corrosion Control Engineering, Pipeline Safety and Integrity, Department of Transportation Regulatory Compliance, Environmental Regulatory Compliance and Analytical Services. In conclusion, KSI is a major source in bringing the Middle Eastern market to the United States.

Simply stated, our business is connecting the Middle East with the American and European markets.

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